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CI Projects specialises in delivering organisational change through the use of continuous improvement techniques, such as Lean Six Sigma, and proven Project Management methodologies. We provide a pragmatic approach to delivering change, helping organisations to improve processes and systems as well as providing project management support to ensure that the identified changes are embedded successfully. We act as partners, not as an external agency, and we offer a bespoke service according to the needs of your organisation, from identifying those needs through to realising the benefits that change can bring. Read more...


For us, it’s all about demonstrating results. Our approach to improving processes and performance delivers real measurable benefits, and business performance improvements that last.  Read more about the services we provide...
Project Management
We can provide a full project management service from concept, governance and planning through to implementation, delivery and benefits realisation. We have a good track record of getting troubled projects into a robust state and can offer a Failing Project Review. Whether you require the end-to-end service or one of the constituent parts, we will personalise our delivery to your requirement.
Lean Six Sigma
We use Lean Six Sigma to streamline processes, eliminate waste and improve customer experience. Through the use of our proven tools, techniques and methodologies, we bring sustainable solutions that deliver a return on investment for our partners. We can help you to create a culture of continuous improvement through coaching and training internal teams to develop in-house capabilities.
Change Management
We can help you to realise the full value of your transformation projects or programmes by helping people to adopt change. By engaging with your people to understand the change before implementing it, we can maximise the impact. Through all stages, from definition of the Target Operating Model through to post-implementation support, we ensure that changes are measured and successfully embedded.


CI Projects act as partners, not an external agency, working with any existing internal teams to achieve a common goal. That is the only way to truly embed change, working alongside people and understanding the change first before implementing it. See below for some examples of the successful partnerships we have fostered, and read more about the projects we've worked on...

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