Here at Continuous Improvement Projects, we’ve a broad range of different experiences – in life, as well as professionally. Meet some of the team below.


Kiran Kachela

I’m a working mother, and the owner of Continuous Improvement Projects. In 2012, I decided to ‘take the leap’ and start up my company as I have an entrepreneurial spirit that runs passionately through my veins, and I was keen to create a business that delivers value and stands for something.

I am a qualified Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Practitioner, Prince2 Practitioner and Prosci Change Management Practitioner. Outside of work, I’m also a School Governor and a volunteer at Inspiring the Future which connects schools with professionals, as I’m passionate about education.

In my spare time, I love cooking and baking. I’m a foodie and love to experiment with new flavours and cuisines. When I’m not cooking, I’m usually redecorating my home, as I’m fanatical about interior design. Combining this with my love of travel, I have attended the Maison and Objet exhibition in Paris on numerous occasions for design inspiration, as well as visiting China to see furniture and accessories actually being made in factories.

I love spending time with my children and so include them in most of my hobbies, whether it’s baking a cake together or travelling around the world.

My dislikes are brussel sprouts and mushrooms!


Sarah Collins
Project & Programme Management

I’m Sarah and I’m a Project Manager specialising in CAFM systems.

After graduating with a Maths degree I started my career in Operational Research, but found I was more interested in the IT platforms than the mathematical modelling. Since then I’ve spent the majority of my career working in IT / IS teams in various industries, with the last 14 years being in Facilities Maintenance.

I became a Project Manager because I like to approach things logically, so planning and organising comes naturally to me. Over the years I’ve worked with several project methodologies and I’m always keen to try new techniques.

I love writing, for fun as well as for work, as well as reading anything I can get my hands on! Weekends are usually spent with family and friends – walking the dog, going to the cinema or theatre, competing with my husband over the Telegraph crossword (I’m not divulging who answers the most clues).


Becky Kendall
Project & Programme Management

With a degree in Theatre Arts & Drama, IT project management may not have seemed a logical choice for me!  But I started my career at a travel guide publishing company, where I discovered an unexpected enthusiasm for managing technical change projects.

I pursued this career into Local Government, broadening my skills and experience across a wide range of IT and business transformation projects, which has since broadened further across different industry sectors.

I have a passionate commitment to diversity and equality, and find the current climate of fast-paced cultural change fascinating and exciting. Working with organisations who are keen to embrace change and tackle challenges can be very rewarding.

I love cooking and eating out, especially experimenting with recreating dishes I’ve had in restaurants, with some notable successes and failures. I have a weakness for sushi, and am a bit of a Japanophile generally.

I recently moved out of London into the commutable countryside in Kent and am hoping to discover a love of gardening! It’s early days, but I have ambitious plans to grow vegetables and build some kind of water feature.


Benedicte Cormier
Change Management

Team player with CI Projects since 2017. A true believer of CI Projects’ 3 core values, which resonate so well with my own truths and ethos.

So a little about me… I love laughing, smiling, sharing, running, (and yes) shoes and bags, being with people and (trying to) be an inspiration to my 18-year old son.

I am passionate about team playing, leadership, motivation, delivering to the best of my ability and by default, I am a fixer, so I rejoice when challenged with some organisational or project-related issues.

I’ve spent nearly 2 decades working in “marcomms” for FMCG across an array of industries and more recently, combining my skills in the FM world to focus on change management.

Following some personal and health concerns, I became invested in supporting my local community as a thank you for the support I had received, and took up Trusteeship to two not-for-profit organisations. In my few spare hours, I like to grab some fabric or yarn to make bags, a hobby that in time, I hope can turn into a financial and social venture and maybe bring me closer to Marc Jacobs.


Oge Zogie-Odigie
Talent Acquisition & Organisational Development 

After nearly fifteen years of being a primary school teacher, I embarked on a career change journey that brought me to CI Projects. I share their believe that one size doesn’t fit all – rather a partnership and a tailor-made approach is what truly drives change and growth.

I am a people person and thrive on connecting others. I have been known to recommend everything from the perfect date to the perfect cleaner! My mission at CI Projects is to hunt for the ‘perfect match’ for us and our clients.

Outside of work, I sit on the governing board of my local school and periodically volunteer with my church’s charity Hope Worldwide.

My hobbies include immersing myself into detective dramas (especially solving cases before they do); singing with my two wonderful children and going on interesting dates with my husband.


Karolina Gaura
HR Project Management

I am a dedicated wife and mum who believes in setting a good example for my children, showing them that by working hard you can advance in your career and achieve your goals, and that having a job does not make you less of a great mum.

I am currently studying towards my MBA as I decided to change my career path in 2016. I had previously qualified as an Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) Advisor, which equipped me to work in the Careers Advisor profession; but the Government drastically reduced funding for IAG Advisors which meant that there was no possible progression route within this field.

I started my adventure with CI Projects in February 2018, managing the delivery of an archiving project for an NHS client. I love working for CI Projects as it offers a great platform to develop my skills and expertise. I am proud to be a member of a team of strong and successful ladies. I love what CI Projects stands for and share their values and ethos.

My long-term career goal is to become a HR Professional and fully qualified Project/ Change Manager. Friends ask me why I don’t just choose one career pathway – well the answer is that I enjoy working with people and empowering them through HR but also love efficiency, change implementation and quality control. I believe that these two professions can go hand-in-hand as they both require you to understand how best to support your people.

In my free time I love to spend time with my family and I also volunteer at Church. I continuously work on maintaining my relationship with God that is my foundation for everything I do and who I am.

Jack Cunningham
Junior Business Analyst

I am a hardworking and honest individual with a creative flair. I joined the CI Projects team in July 2018 and have already learned so much from my experience thus far. I am relishing the challenge and opportunity that CI Projects has given me.

Having studied American Studies at University, I would like to continue my education at some point in the future. As my studies suggest, I am extremely fascinated by all things Amerciana, be it cultural, economic, political, et cetera… I am very much open to living Stateside in future.

I enjoy playing football, going gym, skateboarding, video-games and graphic design. I play football multiple times a week including 5-a-side, 7-a-side and 11-a-side games. Having played football for most of my life, it has taught me many lessons about teamwork, dedication, effort and application. Similarly, I love to watch football and I am an avid West Ham United fan and a season-ticket holder. I also write about football, having contributed to multiple online sports-media outlets for a number of years.

I have ambitions to create a streetwear clothing line influenced by London, football-terrace fashion, and skateboarding. Fashion has always intrigued me, the way in which it both reflects and shapes modes of culture. Moreover, streetwear often portrays a working-class lifestyle or image and is sold for extremely high prices. I want to create an affordable streetwear company, inspired by the streets, for the streets.


Sarah Thomas
Blog Writer

A lifetime lover and collector of stories, I officially took up my pen four years ago. Converted overnight from an indefatigable writer, following a Faber Academy playwriting course, I have since been on an expansive journey, navigating my way through stage, film and now copywriting.

I am an enthusiastic advocate of the power of a story to transcend the human condition and escape the boundaries of ordinary life. Arriving in London in my late teens I have always thrived in the spaces where different cultures exist together.

I have had work for the stage production at the Tristan Bates Theatre, Richmond Music and Drama Festival and Theatre 503. In 2018 I have won three screenplay awards for my adaptation of my stage play Sublime and I’m currently developing a number of film scripts. I am also working towards getting a short film made as a stepping stone to have full length scrips produced.

Though I have 15 years’ experience working in project environments within the private sector; namely construction, oil and gas and engineering, I am currently expanding my remit as a writer and branching into blogging and copy/ website content. I love working with SMEs such as CI Projects Ltd where the collaboration between business owner and copywriter offers an exciting opportunity to explore a different form of expression.

We’re always looking to expand our pool of partners and co-workers. If you’d like to join the team, get in touch.

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