IBM Maximo Service Provider System and Process Implementation

We have partnered with Bouygues Energies and Services since 2014 to deliver operational excellence within their organisation and for their customers, using Lean Six Sigma and Change Management techniques. Bouygues provide engineering and service capabilities from conception, design and construction through to facility management within the UK. They deliver a fully integrated solution within both the private and public sectors.

In 2014, Bouygues Energies and Services made the decision to upgrade their existing system, Maximo, and introduce a new bolt-on IBM product called Service Provider; with an aim to improve billing. The rollout was targeted at the Facilities Management and Energy Management business units, which deliver hard and soft facility management, life cycle planning, project delivery, strategic carbon planning and energy compliance.

We were commissioned to lead this £2m organisation-wide project which involved a system upgrade, reengineered processes and implementation of a new systemised solution for billing. The core objective of the project was to reduce revenue leakage across the business which resulted from a process that was previously entirely managed through spreadsheets.

To achieve this objective, we defined a project scope that included all end-to-end core business processes; as accurate billing was dependent on accurate information being fed into the ‘funnel’. The scope determined a full review of processes from when a service request is raised by a customer through to billing the client.

Upon agreement from the Steering Group, the project scope, approach and success criteria were communicated to the business to raise awareness of the upcoming changes and activities.

A project team made up of internal resources was established to support the project under our leadership. Our role throughout the project, in addition to delivering the project deliverables, was to mentor and up-skill the internal resource pool so that there were effective in-house skills and that benefits could be sustained post project hand-over.

We started our journey with a series of Gap Analysis reviews across representative operating contracts within Bouygues. We captured best practices and a number of issues, many of which had common themes. We utilised the outputs from the Gap Analysis reviews and held a series of workshops to define some standard business processes.

Previously, every team within Bouygues was operating differently which made it difficult to measure performance consistently. Although it was acknowledged that the processes needed to be agile to suit local requirements, principally 80% of the process could follow the standard practises (80/20 rule).

We then worked with a team of technical experts, including IBM, to design the system based on the defined business processes; taking into consideration any efficiencies that could be gained through reduced manual intervention and button-clicks. We involved key stakeholders throughout the journey to make sure that the design was fit for purpose and that the business was engaged.

We developed a non-conventional and exciting training programme to introduce the new ways of working to staff, that involved games and activities to help the education process and make the changes ‘stick’.

We followed a successful regime of activities to prepare contracts for the changes, gather data needed by the system, educate teams on the new processes and systems, and to help embed the new ways of working following implementation.

The target was a 5% increase in rechargeable works income; however we superseded this with an achievement of 12%, as a result of reduced revenue.

“Kiran brings with her a huge amount of project delivery, change management and lean six sigma experience, a personality that helps people not feel threatened by her delving into what they do and how they do it, lots of passion and enthusiasm with a professional approach. I’ve been working with her on and off for nearly 10 years and she delivers and is trusted to do a great job.” Tony Bignold – Regional Director, Bouygues Energies & Services

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